Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This year we have decided to stop producing Iris Telstar. For many years we have been famous for producing high quality Telstar in Holland and especially in France. Unfortunately the global demand for Irises has decreased in the last five years, which caused a decline in planted surface. The last years it became a to small product to make it a profitable business. Together with our customers we decided to cease production and to focus on our main products tulips and Irises. We thank our customers for the pleasant business and the trust they placed in our Irises for all these years.


New lily varieties

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

To maintain a modern assortment of lilies our company is continuously investing in new varieties. For this we are always checking breeders greenhouses to know what new varieties are about to enter the market. All over the world we control testing greenhouses to make sure that a new variety performs in different growing conditions and different climates. This way we only invest in strong varieties with a lot of potential. It takes many years before we are able to offer a variety on a commercial scale. The varieties below we have participated in last year, but it will take two years before we can offer them. Eremo is an strong orange LA, with an intense color. Arbatax is dark pink LA, with a vibrant white heart. It has a beautiful plant with big dark green leaves and a very good bud count. Merente is a white LA, which we already produce for some years now. It has large white buds and its flowers are more white than Litouwen. Already in size 12-14 it has a safe bud count. With Pavia, Freya and Nashville we have three of the most modern yellow LA’s in our assortment. Tarrango is a super strong dark pink oriental. The dark green leaves contrasts with the intense colour of the flower. This is amplified by the intense color of the buds. Last is an orange OT called Corcovado. Like all OT’s it is very strong and has an unique colour. With these new varieties we will be able to serve our customers in the future!

Nieuwe lelies Nieuwe lelies Nieuwe lelies Nieuwe lelies Nieuwe lelies Nieuwe lelies


Friday, May 6, 2011

This spring we had quite unusual temperatures in Holland. Eastern was not only the hottest in a 100 years, it was also one of the driest. The time to check the tulips for virusses was therefore limited. We grow almost all varieties class 1 Japan, which is the highest quality standard, and also this year we maintained our standard. Through extensive leaf selection before the plants are flowering, and now after the cutting of the flowers we are able to improve our quality, even in a year like this. Right now we are continously watering the tulip to maintain some growth, but the growing conditions are far from ideal. Besides these problems also this year we were able to enjoy a beautifull scenery!

Bloemen! Bloemen! Bloemen! Bloemen! Bloemen! Bloemen!


Friday, March 18, 2011

The planting of the tulips this year was more difficult than normal. The continuous rain that hit the Netherlands from mid august on, made the soil infused with water. A good preparation was this year even more important than normal. We always have a lot of grass fields, which are more easy to cultivate because of the better texture. Next to this we use tracks on a tractor which reduces soil pressure. This year we also used a plow on some plots of land, when the upper soil layer was too wet. All this together made that despite these difficult circumstances we were able to plant the tulips before the half of November. Although we had a good feeling about the way that we planted them, you always have to wait to see how they will get through the winter. It’s good to see that everything is growing well and looking very healthy!

Voorjaar Bloemen!