About us

For many years Gebr. De Jong has been a trustworthy supplier to flower growers all over the world. It all started more than 75 years ago on the same location as today. The company was founded by Pieter de Jong, at the time it was a typical Dutch farm with some cattle, vegetables and flower bulbs. Only when the sons Cor and Gerrit and daughter in law Marijke took over the business the focus shifted to bulbs only.

Today the basis of the company is still the growing of bulbs. The tulips and lilies are all grown in different areas, depending on their needs. The majority of the tulips are grown in Flevoland, this is the largest polder in the Netherlands. The moderate climate and the clay soil here are ideal for growing tulips. Next to this tulips are grown in Zeeland in the south of Holland and in plastic tunnels for early flowering. This way we ensure an interesting color assortment throughout the season. In the Bordeaux region in the south of France we have a production facility for lilies. The high amount of sunlight here results in high energy amounts in the bulbs. In Limburg in the south of Holland the remaining lilies are grown, this area is especially suited for Asiatics and LA-Hybrids. In growing bulbs we used the most modern techniques like GPS and Airtech, but we remain a very hands on company.


All the bulbs are checked and processed at the company in Venhuizen. Here the temperature treatment starts directly after harvesting, this way the flowering date can be influenced even more precisely. We have modern cool stores to give the required temperature for the different kind of bulbs. Every year we give Tulips 9 degrees treatment for water forcing or 5 degrees for forcing on soil. The entire year we have lilies in stock at -1 degrees to -2, depending on the varieties. In lilies we are able to determine the ideal moment for packing, since we monitor the sugar level directly after harvesting.

The good relationship that we have with both breeders and flower growers has resulted in a modern assortment. We believe in growing large lots, for more uniform growth in the greenhouse. This is being reinforced by the experience that we have with our bulbs and the temperature treatment that starts directly after harvesting. Besides high quality we believe in a professional and flexible approach to accommodate the wishes of our clients.